020 – Space Door vol.1

Draw this cover for my sketch book!

019 – Quicky of the day – Michael Jackson?

Mr. Jackson in 60 seconds?

018 – Quicky of the day – Box-Eur

Hand warm-up of the day!

“The Box-Eur”

017 – Miu Miu the cat

Hey all!

It’s been awhile since I touched on the blog!

I am currently working on my brand new showreel and using the time at home to work on some personal projects. I started a new short-animation called Miu Miu: the cat, this is an illustration of Miu Miu’s character design.

Still on a concept phase, but it’ll be something like that!

Hope you enjoy it!

016 – Dragon update

This is the evolution of my “Rhyno-Dragon” so far:

I’m not really happy with it, so I’m leaving this one behind and I’ll start over again. This is not getting into a Dragon but a Rhyno with wings instead. I want something much more aggressive and more surreal.

So, Game-Over for this one.

015 – AE Liquid test

I’ve been trying to create liquid effects in after effects for a personal project.

This is a quick render test.

014 – Dragon

It has been a long time since my last post! This new job thing really keeps me busy…

Well, today I created a new account at CgHub, and while exploring some artists profiles I really got inspired for a new illustration, and as I finally have some spare time  I’ve been sketching for awhile and decided to create a Dragon – which is a creature I’ve always wanted to illustrate.

Anyway, I don’t want to create some common dragon so I decided to mix it with a rhino’s anatomy. This is my first sketch of it:

I want it to be in low flight, like it as recently started to lift. This is a very primary sketch, just to have a general idea about its body dimensions and pose. I’ve been wondering how it would be to turn it into a “lava golem / dragon” but I’m afraid it could become a real mess, so i’ll probably keep it simple.

Still have no idea for the background, but in my head I’m thinking of a beautiful plain in sunset. We’ll see the progress of it.

Share your ideas!

013 – Logo animation test


I’ve been testing my logo, playing around with AE.

Here is a small video, nothing special, just having fun.


012 – Secondo


This is the other version of the logo.
So far, my favorite, and probably will be the chosen one.

What do you think?

I really like this one and definitely i can say – it’s me.

The next ones are the remaining options, I like them all but unfortunately I have to leave them behind. I just want to post them here so you can see the evolution through the logos until i got the final options:


011 – Color Campaign!

I’ve been messing around with the logo and the colours just for fun.

Still need to work on the other one!

010 – Logo Presentation

Hey there!

This is the presentation for the first logo proposal.

Let me know what you think about this one!


009 – Self Ident – Coming Soon


After revising and thinking about previous Logos I decided to give up on them. Somehow I didn’t identify myself 100% with them so I just thought I should leave them behind and move on to another thing.

Said and done!

I’m still working on the new versions of the logo, and sooner or later I’ll be posting them to get some feedback about them. I don’t think I can call them logotypes but instead I should see it as some kind of identity symbol.

Anyhow, I’m truly satisfied with the results, so satisfied that I decided to have some fun with them and created some “CV posters”. Based on announcing film posters I created these:

As for the CV part, here is a cleaner detail:

I hope you liked them!

I’ll be posting the Ident soon!


008 – Adicolor Character Design


Adidas got an ad spot a year or two ago for some new colored sneakers, called “Create you Adicolor”:

While I was appreciating the ad, the shape of the blue sneaker caught my attention. Somehow I imagined some creature in there, grabbed a pen and paper and drew a few sketches:

So, I recently found this scanned sketch and thought that I could get some cool character design from them, and decided to paint them just for the fun of it!

I may say, they are not the most interesting characters but someday i can work on them and do an illustration.
Made some changes though, but didn’t stand for much detail.


007 – Ident Logo


I’ve been working on my ident Logo, and i finally came up with 3 different symbols.
I’m posting this because i’m in the need of a fresh vision, to comment and criticize on them, so I can make a final decision on what version to choose.

Conceptually the logos are related to my zodiac sign – Pisces – which i’m very proud of, and the round, semi-circular shapes are related to most of the rounded letters that compose my name and surname – PeDRO CYRNe.

For each one of these options i have 2 different typefaces and each option has 3 different test versions, one for color backgrounds, one monochromatic (positive and negative), and another black & white.
The red color will not be the chosen color, because i want it to adapt to a large color spectrum, i just used red for contrast matters.

So here is the first option:

The 2nd option:

The 3rd option:

There is one more thing i’d like to post. This is a logo addendum, something that i want to include along with the logo just for presentational matters, but the logo will always work alone for identity stuff. There are 3 versions of it, mainly i removed some shapes from the 3rd option to simplify it, they work differently by watching them on a smaller size, or as a stain at some distance.

Hope any of these logos are reasonably acceptable.
Any critic, comment and/or opinion are very welcomed!


006 – The first sphere tests


I’ve been working on some sphere tests in After Effects.
I’ve been doing various sphere experiments of 5 seconds long, and planning to create a short clip based on these spherical experiments.

These are some stills of some of the experiments i did till now:

These are some twirled colored strings inside a glassy orb.

Trying to create a water sphere.

String sphere.

Some light rings.

Sphere with light dots.

Sphere emanating light.

Glass sphere.

Energy Sphere

Double layered sphere.

I’m planning to mix vectorial animation and 3D looking graphics.
As for sound, I had a few ideas and i’m up for something kind of experimental, Amon Tobin seems to be a pretty good shot!

I’ll be posting some short clips on the next days regarding some of these sphere experiments.

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